9 Ways To Get In Creative Flow

☑︎ Clean up your working area. If you don’t have one, then decide on a space that seems like an ideal. One where you can start a project, be creative, or do any kind of work! 
☑︎ Spend some time outside! Being with nature and getting time in the sun can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress or anger, help you feel more relaxed, improve your physical health, improve your confidence and self-esteem, help you be more active, and you get loads of vitamin-d! Even meditating in nature for 5 minutes can help you so much. When you’re listening to the sounds of our internal world, it can can help you mute all the busy noises of the outside external world.
☑︎ Listen to upbeat & happy music. Create a good vibes playlist. All music is always omitting a frequency. (The natural earths frequency is 428hz).
☑︎ Stay hydrated throughout the day! DRINK WATER!
☑︎ Free yourself from distractions. Tv. Phone. Guys. Girls. Drinking. Partying. Toxic people. etc. Now, I realize success is different to everyone and every one is different. There are some people that are genuinely happy with just doing those things- but then, you have people like me.. the ones that feel like you don't get enough time for anything.
☑︎ Find out & ask yourself: when am I most productive? Morning, night, mid-day, days off? Try to schedule ahead and pick a day and time to do something creative!
☑︎ Reward yourself for finishing big, you got this!
☑︎ Make time to find inspiration. Personally, some things I like to do that help me gain inspiration is going on youtube and watching videos of people that I can relate to, like other women who have built successful businesses, or learning things about this universe or why were all here. I also love watching other peoples success stories on social media and actively searching socials of people who promote positivity, business, and many more of my other interests. I tend to mute lots of people who don’t post this kind of stuff so my feed can be more controlled and filled with positive content.
☑︎ Collect messages or pictures that make you really happy. When I am down or just not in the best mood, I will sometimes make albums in my phone, like an album of family pictures, my siblings, or my favorite memories. I love making music playlists thats I can listen to while I'm working at home, again usually its all good vibes music. Something else fun I have done is everytime something really good happened to me or made me really happy, I would write it on a little post-it note and fold it up and put it in a jar. Then, at the end of the year I would open up the jar and read everything. Sometimes when I was upset, down, or sad, I would open it and read everything as well, just to kinda uplift my spirits.
Thanks for reading about my 9 ways to get into a creative flow. These are habits and things I have done to help stay mindful, refocus, change my mindset, and inspire myself during any intense times. I hope you've enjoyed this article and I hope some of these things help you!
Angelina Nova Co