If you don’t know already, I started building my makeup brand and company at 18 years old. Id think to myself at 18 that EVEN if this doesn’t become some massive brand at Ulta or something, I still made something from nothing. I made it from the passion and dedication in my heart, the crazy ideas in my head, and the hard work I put in with my bare hands. I want to show the people around me that anyone can do this, or anything they envision in their heads. Working in the beauty industry to this day, I love the great parts about the beauty industry, the artistic part, and the one when someone looks in the mirror and they feel really beautiful. My brand is about the artistic side and heart that comes from building something you’re passionate about. 

I never ever pictured myself working in a cubical (unless it was at NASA ha) and I could never see myself just working some job for someone else until I retire or die. I simply cannot settle. I created something that not only makes me feel totally alive, but also makes others feel the same way. I have been blessed to work with a large amount of people since I launched my indie makeup brand and all together we have created some pretty incredible things. 

I personally want to help others with brand building (which I do on my personal instagram) and collab with other brands. This was my mission, and I am currently doing all of those things. I love seeing people share their unique gifts with the world (everyone has them). If I can inspire you in any way, well my mission is completed.

You can do anything you want in this life if you want it bad enough, anything. I want to sell fun products that make you feel like you’re buying a cool little piece of art. My mission when you're putting on product like mine, is the hope that it lights you up and feeds that inner child, there really are not rules to makeup. Wear what you want, do what you want & be who you want. -A