How & why I started this brand!

Hello friends! If you are reading my blog I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me and my brand. I can’t believe it’s almost been two years and my current growth is all I could have ever hoped for, and it’s only up from here! It truly is my passion to not just make makeup, but to inspire others, work with others, and create a life I love living. I strongly want to show others that whatever you want out of this life, you can get. It doesn’t matter who you are.
 This line & website took me 5 years to create. I have worked in the beauty industry for several years now and if you’ve worked in several different beauty jobs, you’d know how these jobs can be, and how HARD it can be to be a big artist and actually BECOME something more in the industry. It’s funny because I don’t even like the beauty industry that much. A lot of people work really hard in this industry just get screwed over, taken advantage of, used and judged. I’ve worked at sephora, almost every type of department store at many different counters, ulta’s, freelancing with big companies, & more. Its an industry filled with all kinds of people (bad and good), but rarely are there those amazing, kind, & talented people that deserve to have their talent be seen, and unfortunately most of them get screwed over. 
I think the passion gets deprived from you as you work for these kinds of companies.. that is until I became a MAC artist at a pro-store at age 23. Mac is the only brand I’ve worked for that keeps your passion so alive during your training and the brand that brought my passion for makeup and color back to life. I knew I wanted to start something years ago when I was 18. I wanted to inspire people who feel like their talents maybe haven’t been seen or noticed or just have a goal they want to achieve. You really can do anything in the world you want if you want it bad enough.
I originally was just going to make one palette, my one of a kind holographic 'Diamond Dust Palette'. This consisted of hours & hours of teaching myself makeup chemistry, researching, buying product for experimenting, and constant trial and error of formulas but, I did not stop until I got the formula I wanted. Once I successfully created this palette, suprise! I decided wanted to make even more products. If I’m teaching myself one thing... why not learn 7 more formulas and make an entire collection!? Right!? Go big or go home.
Even through the struggles and the pain of certain life events, the doubts and sometimes not believing in myself, overcoming self-doubt in fear of being judged or failing. I still did it.. and I took my TIME because I wanted to make it perfect (my idea of perfect) and I did it all by myself. My brand & company is a one woman show all created from the thoughts in my brain. Believe me when I tell you the road was incredibly bumpy and I have shed literal blood and tears trying to build this.. but wow, it was worth it and still is.
I want to give a huge thank you to the 𝐬𝐮𝐩𝐩𝗼𝐫𝐭 I have received since launching, the first day of launch I was already out of stock of both my palettes, and majority of my products. I kept this project incredibly quiet and low-key for years and seeing it grow the past couple years has been incredible. I have SO MUCH MORE coming for you and some pretty big collabs in the future.
-Angelina | @angelinanovacosmetics
If you ever want to collab and you reside in the west coast area of the US, please do not hesitate to contact me on the contact page. ANC works with several local models, brands, influencers, and photographers. 

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