Angelina Nova Cosmetics is a colorful, classy, fun, clean, and inspirational brand.
Something incredibly important to Angelina is clean beauty, spiritual health, following your passions, and figuring out what you want out of this life. Working in the beauty industry since she was 17 and born in the 90's, she wanted to find any way that she could combine spiritual health along beauty, makeup, and fun colors wile promoting deeper meanings. Focusing on rocks and gemstones, and other things 'out of this world', this line is strongly inspired by the rainbow spectrum of colors that are seen in gemstones and crystals.
Energy is everywhere- and just like us, gemstones + crystals are perfect conduits. They can help us bring and manifest different energies into our lives. Every shade and product is named after a stone and each purchase comes with an angel aura quartz crystal. She wanted to give something a little extra that people could think about while applying her products.
As Angelina Nova Cosmetics grows, we inspire ourselves everyday! and we hope it inspires YOU seeing a small business grow. We are so thankful to be working with so many amazing talented people that help out with the vision and creative directing during our photoshoots, its the time for the products to come to life. Our photoshoots are themed differently and is a large inspiration to everyone involved, photographers, models, and more.
Majority of the time, makeup nowadays is filled with horrible ingredients especially the fun & glittery stuff. Natural beauty remedies, and organic non-toxic ingredients. This is something she wanted to incorporate in her makeup line. Most cosmetics are produced in china in the masses and while its cheaper for brands to do that, Angelina decided to spend the extra money, time, and patience, to teach herself makeup chemistry and learn how to make makeup using the highest quality ingredients. ANC uses 100% real pigments with no fillers (no talc, no parabens) and ingredients that are organic and safe for the skin, while still providing fun colors and fun makeup.
Thank you for reading and supporting this self-made indie brand

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