1. I am enough

2. I can do it

3. I am not giving up

4. I am resilient and can get through anything

5. I trust in my abilities

6. I deserve all that is good

7. I am a priority

8. I love myself just the way I am

9. I am abundant in all areas of my life

10. Today I am filled with positive energy

11. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed

12. I breathe in calmness and breathe out worry

13. I am unapologetically myself

14. I am worthy of massive success

15. I am worthy of great things

16. I am beautifully unique

17. I have the power to manifest my dreams

18. I am a magnet for miracles

19. I am made for awesomeness and greatness

20. I radiate success

21. I attract only peace into my life

22. I am brave

23. I am unique and awesome

24. Today I will accomplish all that I set my mind to

25. I am confident and fearless

26. I am unstoppable

27. I am focused and disciplined

28. I am a valuable and important person

29. I am strong

30. I dream. I believe. I receive.


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