Daily things to change your life in one year!

Here are some simple daily things you can do to start changing your habits and your mindset for the better. Always remember that small steps, are still steps.

☑︎ Stop complaining & appreciate how lucky you are every day. Notice small things as tiny miracles. Each day you get 84,600 seconds, how are you going to spend it?
☑︎ Embrace loneliness and reinvent yourself in the process. Fall in love with yourself every day because we are constantly changing and evolving. Discover your passions, the things you love, the things you don’t love, and the things that feed your soul.
☑︎ Say goodbye to the people that don’t bring good energy into your life. You are constantly changing and evolving, and you need to remind yourself that sometimes you will grow out of other people.  If you are a people pleaser: Its OK to say no, and it’s OK to start giving that energy to yourself. I know it might seem selfish, but it’s not. Everyone has their own life purposes and learning paths.
☑︎ Throw off the TV awhile, & set internet restrictions for yourself aimlessly scrolling on social media. If something you really enjoy is films (I am a movie buff myself), or scrolling on social media, try to make a conscious effort to stop, put your phone down, and maybe go do that laundry you need to do. Personally, I usually watch films when I am ready to distract my mind because I work so much.
☑︎ Pick one skill you want to cultivate, and put all your effort in developing it. If there is something you know you really love, today is the day to dive deep and put in the effort, the steps to get there might be up and down when learning any skill, but when you reach the end it will feel so rewarding. If you don’t know what you love, try new things alone, like hobbies you always thought about having or trying that you never did.
☑︎ Commit to goals you set and never look back. Write them down. Get them instilled in your brain. Get an ideal plan mapped out. When you think about reaching these goals, believe in it, and picture it happening 24/7.. because if you can’t see it happening then it will never happen.
☑︎ Sweat every day to boost your mood. If you’re not already a gym bug, at least go on a walk or a short run for 15 mins a day, you can also download yoga & workout apps to do at home workouts if you don’t have a gym already.
☑︎ Fail forward, learn from every mistake you make. Understand that hardworking people fail ALL the time. It’s just they don’t blast it all over social media because we don’t want to be judged by others.. but failing is apart of growing and a necessity to experience when you are trying to reach your goals.
I hope you enjoyed these quick tips. These are things that I did the past few years that helped me immensely. My mindset + focus is much different and I have fallen in love with doing these things. I continue to put my all into my makeup brand that I spent years working to launch.  Nurture your inner child. Find the things you love doing in your downtime. The world is yours, what are you waiting for? - Angelina | @angelinanovaofficial
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